Kate Ingalls-Maloney

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First Nations Repatriation Institute

P: 651-442-4872

Kate Ingalls-Maloney, BFA, MA Education, has worked in Adoption for about 10 years. Most recently she managed an adoption support and education program, Adoptees Have Answers, for Minnesota Adoption Resource Network. The program was a peer support-based model implemented BY adult adoptees with a wide range of clinical and/or community experience FOR other adoptees and their family members and associates. Prior to that she was a trainer for Children's Home Society & Family Services, primarily on the East Coast. Kate is currently a community faculty member in the Department of Social Work at Metropolitan State University and serves on the Board of Directors of the First Nations Repatriation Institute. Kate specializes in education services using technology.

Practice Area: Public or Tribal Child Welfare
Region: Twin Cities - Metro
Population: Adults
Type of Therapy/Service: Peer Support, Search and Reunion Services
Specialities: Adoption and Child Welfare History, Adult Adoptee Resources, Search and Reunion

* "Permanency services" includes reunification, guardianship, & kinship care.

** "Permanency" includes reunification, guardianship, & kinship care. "Neurodevelopmental issues" includes ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, &FASD.